Frequently Asked Questions

What do your reports look like and can I see a sample?

The inspection report, is THE cornerstone of an inspector's business. It is the culmination of all your knowledge and expertise. It is the one tangible item that a client walks away with, and it is the final impression that they have once everything is said and done. Most current software for desktops and mobile devices leave a lot to be desired. Most will provide you with a few basic "templates" of how the final reports can look like. Their templates allow you to modify some basic aspects of how the reports will end up looking like, but are still very "cookie cutter".
Our app is different. We want you to have the most possible control over how the report is structured AND how it looks. You will have various structure formats you can choose from and edit, or create your own from scratch. Aside from the structure templates, it will come with tools that allow you to edit every single aspect of the report. You will be able to pick fonts, sizes, spacing, alignments, shapes, colors, separators, background colors, borders, graphics, logos, layouts, and a whole gamut of other options. I'm talking a FULLY featured document editor that gives you complete control over every aspect of the final presentation, look, and layout of the report. In a nutshell, the final reports you produce with our app will be limited to your imagination and creativity. I would love to show you sample reports, but the truth is, any sample report out there on the internet will do. Our app will give you the tools to easily replicate ANY report style and layout out there. I will post videos online as this feature is being developed. So if you are still not convinced then stay tuned. Sign up for updates, stay in the loop, and get a sweet discount.

When does the App get released?

The present release date for the app is set for September of 2019.

How much will it cost?

$200 at launch. After launch, the app will go up to $800, so save 75% while you can.

Where is the Business Tools Website?

The Business Tools Website is currently under development and not available to the public. We will keep people updated on the progress as we go and provide screenshots. It will launch alongside the app.

What are the Business Tools?

The business tools are parts of the app that allow you to do certain things that a Home Inspector does during the normal course of business. These are the Appointment Book, Automated Email Campaign, Inspection Setup System, Quote System, and Profit Management System. For more details on each of these features check out this page.

What is a Business Tools Subscription?

This subscription will give you access to all the business tools in the app through a web browser. That way you can us a home PC or other device to manage your business.

Do I need a Business Tools Subscription to use the Business Tools?

NO! The Business Tools are available in the app with no restriction and for free! You only need the subscription if you want to access the business tools from a PC or through a web browser on another device.

Is this app available for inspectors outside California?

Yes. The app is available for inspectors outside California, but at launch the only building codes and references that might be integrated will be for California. Due to licensing and copyright requirements, we won’t roll out support for building codes in other states until later this year.

Can I process a payment from a client through the app?

Since home inspectors have many different ways to accept payment from their clients, we decided to leave billing up to the inspector and not incorporate it into the app. That may change in the future depending on your input. The app will log all of your transactions though and provide you tools to analyze your profits over time and geography.