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Easy to use

Who likes to read long boring manuals? Not us. We crafted this app to feel natural and simple to use. No complicated gobbledygook. Just great features, simple controls, and language you'll understand as a Home Inspector. Designed by an actual Home Inspector who knows exactly what it takes to perform top notch inspections and deliver amazing reports. You'll get exactly what an Inspector needs.

Inspecting With Site Inspect

Logging Observations Is Easy

Select a template for the type of inspection you are doing and all the systems you will encounter are automatically added! The templates are also fully customizable. During an inspection, select the system you are working with and you'll have different options to log the condition of the system. The comments are automatically written for you. You can edit them if you want or take them as is. You save time by just having to click options versus writing things down or having to type. All you need is your tablet. No more pads of paper or clunky laptops.

Adding Pictures a Breeze

Use a tablet's built-in camera to take pictures of an observation whenever you need to. They’re automatically added to the report in the correct place! No more having to develop photos or email yourself pictures. This saves you more time.

Researching Codes On-Site

Imagine not having to wait until you go home to look up building codes. For California inspectors, you may have the ability to research an observation on-site. That's right. We want to have building codes built-in! Another way Site Inspect can save you time.

Instant Review on Completion

When you’re done, you can view the summary of the inspection with the client immediately without having to wait. The summary and any pictures you took are all available with just a few taps.

Finalizing and Printing On-Site

If you researched observations on-site through the app, you can finalize the report as soon as you are done with the inspection. You can then email it to the client, or print it wirelessly to a portable wireless printer on-site. All without leaving the app. Can you feel the time savings?

No More PC Needed!

Imagine being able to conduct the inspection, research observations, review the report with a client, finalize it, and deliver it, all on-site, without a computer!!! You can spend less time writing reports and more time delivering them and moving on to the next site.

Managing your Business With Site Inspect

The app also comes with powerful Business Tools that help you cultivate and grow your business from first contact, through an inspection, and on through the post inspection follow up.

Appointment Book

Whenever you receive a call from a possible client, this feature is like having a personal assistant at your fingertips. You can view your appointments at a glance and it allows you to easily schedule a new inspection with just a few taps.

Agent/Client Database

Repeat business is a cornerstone to success. With that in mind, we built a robust contact management system that keeps a record of Real Estate Agents, Homeowners, and Homebuyers you interact with. You can send out updates, greetings, or special promotions directly through the app to your contacts. You can keep in constant contact with your clients and foster those relationships that keep your business growing.

Automated Email Campaign

Our app keeps your contacts in the loop. It automatically sends out quotes, invoices, courtesy reminders, inspection updates, inspection documents, and thank you emails. Works right out of the box. You can also customize all the emails with your brand and look.

Inspection Setup System

Easily gather a client's contact info, property location, and all the details you need in order to provide a quote and prepare for the inspection. You can even fire up the Appointment Book and schedule the inspection at the same time.<

Quote System

While setting up an inspection, you can select the services a client needs and provide an instant quote. The app can also send the quote via email along with your inspection agreement. The app will keep you in the loop with instant notifications when a client accepts a quote and signs your agreement.

Profit Management System

The app automatically keeps track of all your logged transactions and provides tools that allow you to perform a detailed sales analysis so you can improve your profitability. You can run reports that show your sales over the year, month, week, or custom date range. Sales can even be analyzed on a map to see where you are more geographically profitable. This way you can discover areas and times of year where you can improve your profitability and focus your marketing efforts.

Support On Website

We know learning a new app with a lot of features can be overwhelming. That is why at launch, the business tools website will provide in-depth video tutorials that walk you through all the things you can do with the app, completely free of charge. The tutorials can even be accessed from the Help menu in the app if you have an active Wi-Fi connection. The website will also include a forum where you can have your questions answered by us and other users. That way, you will never be in the dark.

Business Tools Website Access

All of the business tools provided in the app will also be accessible through the web with a separate Business Tools Subscription. With access you will be able to interact with your Appointment Book, Client Database, Inspection Setup System, Quote System, and Profit Management System from any web browser. Anything you do will automatically sync between the website and your tablet so you are always on the same page no matter where you are. No subscription is needed to fully use the business tools in the app. The subscription is only necessary if you want to access the Business Tools through a web browser.